200,000 | How Tiger Woods cost John Hennigan a lot of money

Tiger Woods

It’s Friday Prop Bet Day – let’s have some fun!

Barry Greenstein is a big Tiger Woods Fan … John “World” Hennigan? Not so much.

The three-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner, who just made a deep run at the WPT L.A. Poker Classic never shies away from a fun prop bet. That’s why, when Barry Greenstein offered Johnny World a bet when Tiger Woods was making his way onto the PGA Main Tour, accepting the bet was a no brainer!

Greenstein would offer Hennigan $5,000 each time Tiger wouldn’t win a tournament. In return, Hennigan would send $19,000 Barry’s way each time Tiger would win an event. Then, Tiger went on an absolute heater winning almost each and every time he would set foot on a golf course.

Barry would allow John to buy out of the bet for $100,000 … in total, “The Bear” won an estimated $200,000 from Johnny World … certainly not the way Hennigan had intended it!

*Photo credit: World Series of Poker



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